Friday, July 15, 2011

Candy-land - My perfect childhood home!

I had to be there... I had obviously never seen anything like that. I spoke about the exhibit area in the Botanical garden in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So, in the Christmas time, I decided to revisit them again, and boy! I was in for a big surprise - The Candy land.
The lollipops hanging upwards!
I did not ever see any candy like this, but this one looked more like a dressed-for-some-party Christmas tree!
This candy took me to my Tom and Jerry days, there were nights when I would not sleep without watching T&J! May be I should restart it!
A house supported by candy bars and the roof lined by colorful round candies - Don't you just want to live there? It was my perfect childhood home 
A house made of sweets with gardens growing ice creams, lollipops, wall made of gums and decorated with colored Christmas trees.. I am not kidding...It was my dream, may I had imagined things like Dairy Milk Chocolates or others, but I definitely wanted a house like that!
The candy bar slides in my garden, where I could hang, slide or simply eat them off :)))

I had spent about an hour or so in the exhibit, but the expressions of the kids who came to visit the candy-land was more gratifying than finally seeing my dream childhood house in shape. And once you are there, do visit the child in you, trying to reach out and bring back some good old memories of childhood!