Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Syracuse University -- A different life at last!

Syracuse University was established in March 1870 and has moved its base since then from the downtown to where it is now. The University is a well known one in this country and abroad also, especially among Indians (frankly, every one other than me knew about this university!).The university has good PR Agents obviously..
The Syracuse University isn't among the 'biggests' in the US, however it does take up a lot of the city of Syracuse. The most famous building in this university is the "Hall of Languages" which has often been referred to as an inspiration to the house of "The Addams Family" owing to its Gothic architecture. A definite favorite stop for the photographers.
Honestly, I do not remember a lot of buildings names, but one of my favorites is the Hendrick's chapel (where I used to go for my free South Asian Thursday's lunches, thanks to David :)). Many of the important functions used to take place in the chapel, including all kinds of religious activities and memorial functions.
Artist's interpretation of Pan Am 103 flight in front of Hendrick's Chappel

Some others like the music college were also a visual treat that visitors won't forget that easily. In my opinion, the architecture and the colors of the buildings never gave the feeling of the 'hep and happening' (as I was imagining any city in US would be like), but were more laid back.
View from the Music College - rain kissed Syracuse University
The Desi Adda -  Bird Library - A favorite place for "bird" watching
The Biology building.. I don't even know what other courses they used to offer here.. I never took one!
Yet another favorite was the Starbucks joint right opposite to the management school (was always jealous of them :| for that Starbucks there), the amazing juice center there (gosh! I forgot the name, I am going to update it only when I remember it, and not going to Google it) and my most favorite Insomnia cookies (this I can never forget, they have the most amazing macadamia chip cookies in this world!)
And that's daddy right there with Starbucks Coffee, in the sitting area of the Marshall Mall!
The bus that we traveled with every time when we were not walking.. 
Obviously, a PG institute doesn't give you the joy similar to what UG gives, however, SU did give me some amazing memories, friends, experiences and a whole new perspective to life. Life in SU was more about chasing deadlines while relaxing in the libraries, producing results in the research, catching up with roomies in the middle of the road to ask, "wassup, how z life?" and the happiest Fridays when we world run fast, faster and fastest to catch that free bus to the only mall in city (and so many times missing it by just 1-2 minutes, phew!)I would not necessarily recommend people to stop by in Syracuse to see SU, but if you are near by, don't miss it, it is a different life right there in that center.