Meet Raji the traveller!

Thank you for visiting my blog. This blog is a small attempt from my side to document the various places that I go to. I usually prefer nature and landscapes to anything else. However, I have not limited myself to them. Old historic towns, in any country, are another favorite. I regularly update what I do in my flickr page.

I received an exciting email from the team of letting me know that my blog had been the editor's pick of the day on 3/15/2012. Here is the snapshot. It was the first time ever my blog was featured in any sort of list! It motivates me to do a better work.

Usually I do not talk about accommodation and food unless there is something very special about it somewhere. However, I can answer any queries if required.

Feel free to drop comments and suggestions and I am open to them! 
This is a novice attempt and hopefully, as time progresses, I shall get better with it :))

Recently (within a month of May and June 2012), 2 very kind people mentioned my blog in theirs, the links to those articles are Here and Here! I find it so good to read articles by these authors as the common passion to explore newer places near where we live is uncanny and by all means, I want to be able to see every place they write about. Thanks to both Divya and Dominique, I am so humbled!!

I am also very thankful to the people of New Vrindavan, for publishing my blog in their website. The temple is definitely one of my most favorite places on earth and to be mentioned by them is just awesome. Thank you :)