Monday, January 25, 2010

About Raji-the-traveller..

I have often witnessed some unexplanable - vivid and horrifying - expressions on the faces of my friends. The reason being I cannot stand the fact that I have not seen any new place for more than 2 months now. (By that math, I should have definitely seen more places around the world by now than my actual number, but I still believe I travel a lot and enjoy every minute of mine on the wheels!!) Anyways.. I often drive people crazy to take me around or to join me when I am roaming, which I why all those looks!

I also believe that I have been blessed by amazing parents who themselves love travellign and seeing around new places (Oh! Common, who doesn't like it? But the fact that you are more compulsive than others is what distinguishing!!) I have traveled a lot of places in India and some places around the world and now I thought I should definitely pen it so that as I grow old, I do have some memories to check back.

So, this blog is all about the places I have seen, some places which I find so beautiful that whenever I visit this blog, I will be motivated to visit them soon.

P.S. : This blog, since it involves a lot of travel stuff, it will have a bunch of pictures and cartoons. Some of the pictures I would have taken and some from the internet. I will certainly put the source of pictures from where I have taken it. In case, I have not put and it's yours, do remind me. If it's in my travelog, it does deserve special mention :)