Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Syracuse, NY - Ice Ice Baby!!

Syracuse is a town in Italy (the name tells right!!), whose name has been adapted for this city in upstate New York, which has become famous for more than one reason. It's extremely cold in winters, its very very hot in summers, it has Syracuse University, its sports team performs very well (now please do not ask me if its basket ball.. base ball or something else, I only know the sports team is good here... no clue of which one!). Its most famous residents are - hold your breath - Richard Gere and Tom Cruise (It doesn't make any difference to me, but still it is exciting  fun fact!!)
The first ever picture of Syracuse which I took was that of a bird's eye, from the flight. I was expecting a lot of cold (who doesn't in January) since it was my first time, but it was just the same like Delhi in winters that day, when I landed. A mere cold jacket did it!!
The Bird's eye view of Cuse from flight
I could not leave my camera behind although we were just going to Walmart (again my first time ever), so I went inside to take some pics of American shopping center, but was disappointed, because Delhi also has them now a days, nothing new (I was actually disappointed, huh!!). I would never take pics of Big Bazaar, hence, Walmart was discarded. But the months of Jan, Feb, March and then Nov, Dec of the same year provided me with what I can never forget - the most picturesque snow (and why it wouldn't be, after all it was my first time ever with snow and ice and there after, I never liked snow again, hahaha..). It snows heaven and hell... cats and dogs there....
If you are new there, snow would look gorgeous.. beautiful, but after somedays, it gets absolutely tiresome (believe me, been there, felt that!!).
Snow fall in Syracuse - the first that I witnessed
329 Roosevelt Ave, Syracuse - my first ever home in USA
The most beautiful scene that anyone can see in the snow time is a snow covered tree. The snow acts as a lining on the linear leaves and branches and the whole image  is absolutely marvelous. See it to believe it. 

Snow covered trees - My most favorite subjects when snow falls!!

Hailing from India, I never saw colorful houses like I found in Syracuse. Umpteen number of colors like Blue, Red, Green, Orange or anything else. They did make an instant impression, once covered with snow. 
Contrasting white and other colors

14th February is celebrated all over the world, no one forgets that date, and neither would I ever forget 14th Feb, 2007. Syracuse received a snow storm like not many times before. I was told (unsure of whether it is right or wrong) that the university never closes itself in spite of any amount of snow, but it closed that day!! The offices were closed, university was closed, only a few places like food courts were functional (I was working in one of them that day and I so hated my life but the instant I came out to see the snow and started taking pictures while walking to work, I could not have been more happier!!). It was one of those days which I can never forget. I have never seen so much of snowfall ever again in my stay till date. 
Images of 14th Feb 2007 - one of the heaviest snowfalls I ever saw. 
My memories of snowfall include excitement, unbelievable expressions of wilderness, snowmen, shoveling around snow, trying to not slip on the icy roads, layers and layers of clothing, heavy shoes, wet university hallways, hot Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, glazing sunlight over snow, cold wind, frost coming out of mouth at anytime of the day and so many more things. 
Our first Snow man - courtesy Raji and Pradnya in March 07.. believe me your hand freezes badly in the process of making it, but do try it. Its fun!!
The first snow fall of the winter season of 07-08, in November. I love the way snow settled in forming clear sheets on roadways. 
Looking back to those days, I try to remember whether the first experiences with snow were good or bad. I cannot judge. But I can only say I neither have happy nor sad memories of life in snow, they were just different and I am only thankful that I saw those days!!