Friday, June 17, 2011

Winona Lake, Indiana - Take a deep breathe, unwind and relax!

I came to Warsaw, IN much near the winters and had no car back then. Fall was almost over and there were no leaves on the trees (the most depressing and inspiring thing at the same time, but we will talk about that sometime later). However, come spring and I started venturing out to what I often read about - Winona lake.
Winona Lake is a town connected to Warsaw, right in its vicinity providing much needed relief to the people in Warsaw. The most beautiful things in Winona Lake are the Winona lake, Winona Hike and the little shopping center, The Village at Winona

Sunset at Winona lake
Hiking trail at Winona is about 2 miles long in a round trip and on a regular day, is filled with cyclists, hikers, kids and photographers, yet the innate serenity remains intact. 
En route the Winona Hiking Trail
My favorite statue at the trail - mother and the son

Snow covered Winona is yet another feast to eyes (if you can bear that cold, that is!). I am not a wildlife photography enthusiast, but I have often heard its a great place for bird watchers and some good animal photography also. 
The famous "Winona Tree" - a favorite background for most of the family portraits in the town. 

Snow and Sunset in the Winona Lake

Winona Lake has often been advertised in the magazines like Midwest Living and others, not as a grand attraction but a quiet getaway. Numerous fairs keep the village active and while you are here, don't miss the Boathouse or Cerulean restaurant which offer a great view of the lake while dining! No one comes to Winona Lake because it is there and you must visit it, but when you are around, you don't miss it.