Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It took me about 6 months to write about Hyderabad, and what I wrote was just an iota of what I could have done. I blame it all on the digital age, had I had a digital camera in those days, I would have taken countless pics and stored them somewhere in a better medium (Help me Khuda - I sound oldddddddddddddd :(((((!!!). While I was searching for some good pics of Hyderabad, I came across the blog of a photographer - Madhu Gopalan (thank you Google :)). Her address is - http://fourtowers.blogspot.com/. Please do visit that to get a better glimpse of what the city looks like.

Also, here after, I would restrict myself to write about the places whose memories I have in my camera. In that way, I would not be wasting any time in searching pics and getting demotivated (which unfortunately means, less of India, more of USA and some other countries :((, but its okay!!).

I have not listed any references to the pics, but they can be reached by clicking on them, so their actual source is still intact (severely bitten by anti-plagiarism bug, thanks to my current residence, but thats good in way!!)

Looking forward to write more and more...
Take Care,
Raji (the traveller)!!